Which city is the most attractive??


17 thoughts on “Which city is the most attractive??

    • I couldn’t figure out what exactly you are talking about.. But I know what your point is. The point you are meaning is that “Seoul is no better city than Any other citiy in Eastern China” and it’s a little bit better than India. Okay, before metioning the body, it was kinda too hard to understand what you are saying, If a person were not well educated in his or her nation, he or she dare not comment back like you did to the blog of others. I’m not that educated either, but I know what it’s like etiquette, trying to use correct grammar and never to get other people got irritated. Maybe it was too much expectation in your nation, huh? Okay First, what you are talking about is just an opinion that has no specific reasons. What is like to be slum? As I looked into the dictionary, Slum is a place where poor people live in . Not only Poor people live in but, their houses are ruined not well figured. their pays are too low and they die because of no foods and has no notion in any areas including education. Maybe North Korea Pyungyang is much better than so called “Slum” I went to Beijing for a trip just 2years ago. To tell you the truth I met beggars every 2 hours around main Tian an men. I was told not to buy tapped water if I want to escape from dying…… Was too sacary to do dem traveling.<— Can not be found in any side of Korea. In Korea people drink water from sync, that means Korean water is too clean that people just drink the water from governmnt provides. And I went to a Hotel which has four stars, and there were no staffs that could speak English, I wonder how city government rates the hotel, and the year I went your nation was only 1 year before the beijing Olympics. I guessed the olympics could not be finished successful. And guess what???? Maybe that's called successs?
      However Seoul was the city did olympics 20 years ago from 2008 olympics. That's a proof no one denys that means Seoul is not the slum and it is even much better city than your main city Beijing. There's some pictures about Olympic Parks in Seoul in my blog. I dam sure you can not belive your eyes it was built in 88. I know a lot of tourists visit your precious cities and buy lots of stuffs and just come back. And I was one of those, but I was too disappointed. The weather was aweful and was hard to breathe because of yellow sand winds. Before being happy because of number of tourists a year to your country, just to know that many of those were disappinted and thought they would never come back to your country again. I have many prooves that seouls is better than your city, but I can't tell you every thing because I have that many times to tell you so. And you mentioned about India, That's too silly. Korea is #10 world economic country and Seoul is the capital of the country, As for the IT and other Industry areas Seoul is way much better than any Indian cities. Korea used to be the country who needs help but now Korea has become a country give help to other countries. And I'm proud to live in city like Seoul. I work as student reporter in VANK, and eventhough you comment back, I and other proffessional VANK works will comment back you instead, much strong one will be waiting you. I mean it's just no use that you comment like that.

      Know more than come back. I will wait you any time, well educated.

  1. OMG yefeng? anyway Wow Joon, it’s so touching. I think it’s really meaningful not only for me but also other people who want to know about Korea or protect Korea from some comments who say like yefeng. It’s really damned thing to criticize other countries with groundless reasons,

    • Yeah I thoght as you thoght..

      The purpose of VANK is to correct misleading information about Korea and promote Korea.

      Yefang who doesn’t have any notion in his head, he even doesn’t know how to speak English and he dared to denounce Korea and Seoul.

      I was too angry and wrote long speechess. I could write more but the time couldn’t allow me to do so.

      Let’s beat 개념없는 대륙인 if more 대륙인 comes ..

      Are you ready to join and get them to erect notions correct?

    • I need your help

      Since I’m not the student who goes to 외고

      I’m not good at Chinese.

      I mean the chinese we have been talking about finally

      commented back using his own language

      I used google translate but couldn’t figure out what exactly his saying.

      If you have friend or you are capable of Chinese, please help me ASAP.

  2. 你们说中国的汉字 针灸 什么等等都是你们发明的 这些你们说了就说了 中国人很大度 不跟你们计较 毕竟你们什么都没有嘛 自己骗一下自己以寻求一点心理上的安慰 我们能理解 但我无法理解的是 你们为什么瞧不起中国人 你们喜欢讽刺中国说,韩国有三星,LG,中国有什么? 在亚洲 中国是你们最大的市场 我们中国有什么 我们中国有买你们东西的人 在中国有一句话叫 衣食父母 我们买你们的东西 让你们有钱买吃的 买穿的 我们就是你们的父母 没有我们中国人养着你们 你们靠什么生活? 乖孩子 要学会孝顺父母 要有良心

    • I know what you mean but I hate to tell you but you are so out of the main subject. I talked about which city is most attractive not Korea is better than China. And I was very angry when you said our country is not better than India. What’s the dam reason? You didn’t answer my question instead just crying like little stubborn boy wanting new toy. I didn’t talk about economical adavantage of Seoul, but to correct misconception that you have which is ” India is better than Seoul, Seoul is slum compared to Beijing.” And your new comment didn’t figure out what I told you before and just saying “China is better than Korea and we are the core of economic world” I don’t care wheter you guys buy our product or burn the products but I care that Seoul is not slum and we have no beggars who are kicking tourists.” and we are surely better than India where people are dying because of no foods. Be thankful to God , God gave you pecious gifts which are population and gasolin. I mean you are just a kids, boasting his toys not being thankful to your mother(God). If you are to comment my comment, please focus on the main point not your toys. If you are still talking about Nation superiority, then I have nothing to comment but to denounce your brain.

  3. Hmmm I can’t choose between Seoul and Tokyo, they’re both great places. Well, actually, I’ve never been to either, or anywhere outside of the United States besides Costa Rica, but I really want to go to both Seoul and Tokyo. I’ll vote for Seoul anyway.

  4. Hey, I stumbled upon your page and was angered to see such ignorant comments by some people…
    I’m Chinese myself and am really saddened by what 伊力奇 said and decided to write a comment. I personally don’t like the negative tension between Japan, Korea and China at all. Hatred is just too draining an emotion. I think Korea is a beautiful country and would love to visit Seoul someday. But this mentality “I’m better than you” is just plain childish. Human beings are all dependent on each other- it’s a cycle.

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