Amazing life in Seoul with great subway system


Hi I’m Joon today’s topic is about riding subways in Seoul. Seoul has more than 10 lines of subway systems. Though  Seoul has many subways and run subways day and night, No small crushing accident have happend. What amazes me more is that 12 lines are  managed by only 4 independent company. Those 4 companies are operated by Government as Subway is a public property. I ride subways and transfer trains  almost everyday as my school is too far away.  I love riding subways as I can see many people inside the train and sometimes I meet foreigners who need help. Every times I met foreigners I helped them so that they could find their ways and get to their destinations. Okay What I’m going tell you are summarized by 3 categories. 

First, it’s how to ride Seoul Subway. I think Korean subway is very convenient and easy compared to other countries,and there’s no complex steps or obstacles that keeps you from reaching destinations. But if you don’t know how to use T money and way to transfer, it may become a real trouble. 

I’ll show you how to get in the subway and to buy the card and to get in the subway. I have seen many travelers rumbling around as they are having trouble to getting in subway. I thought they were very poor. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the picture of things so I drew it by myself . This way I can explain the thing much easily. 


I know it’s hard to believe , but it’s  the gate of Samseong station line #2. So go inside the gate.

Okay before going to next step, you should have or instant pass. There  a bending machine which sells Varieties of designed T money and charges your card. If you don’t have T = money don’t worry you can have instant card . Go in front of bending machine and choose your language. If it’s done choose the last station you want to go. then the machine says how much money it needs from you. insult your money, then in no seconds the card will come out. But remember that the card is only used for one time as it’s not permanent. You can’t charge it you should return it to returning machine. If you hate instant one then you can but T-money at any convenient store.  so should you got t-money then you should get through the bar. The bars are separated to two one with green pointing and the other one with red ban. As you see in the picture you can’t go through banned one. It’s exit for comers. You should find green pointing one . Then put your T-money one the machine. If it’s succeeded the screen will say your left money in T-money. 


Okay if you made it to bar then find your destination. Remember which station you should transfer at and remember how many stops left till destination. If it’s first time, you might take the subway which goes to different direction. To prevent this happening you should learn more. Here’s the Website very useful here you can watch vivid maps of lines and useful tips. They serve both English and Korean.
What is T money? T means transportation, I thought so too but I think only transportation can’t explain this card  all. With your T money you can buy almost every thing. If you find stores with T logo on, there you can buy every stuffs the store provides. PC room, convenient store and street bending machine, and also private taxi. Every services are can be bought by T money.  There’s no interest so don’t worry about money related problem. If you want to check out more about T money, go and see my past posts. Things are precisely explained. 
I went to Seoul Arts center to watch a ballet show. Which is performed by Korea national ballet performers and the theme was Cindrella. I live near Yangjae station which is right next station to Nambu Bus Terminal. So it took only 5 minutes from my house to the destination. Nambu Bus Terminal is yellow line which is #3 line.
This is the internal space of Opera house. I had not been to this place before and it was the first time for me too. And also I never had time to see ballet show by myself . This event was a whole new experience to me.
 Around Seoul Art center,  you can find lot’s of famous restaurants. Some of them are actually runned by celebrities. And also streets around Art center are remodelled so lot’s of people come to walk along the street.  Front you see is the stage and performers come out and performs I
This is the ceiling of opera house. The house consists 5 floors. I watched the show on 3rd floor. I really wanted to see performers  closely. But I couldn’t afford to . Thanks to Celina Kim for keeping the ticket for me. And her teacher. 
Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, as my cell phone has small capacity so I had to set things up low.  This is the lobby of Art center. Lot’s of people came to see the show. Art center provides lot’s of kinds of shows. From small exhibits to big phil’s orchestra, whenever you come here I bet there’s show that you can watch.
Street cafe’s are features of Art center. From small cafe’s to Starbucks cafe . You can enjoy the slip of coffees every where you go in Art center.
Oh, those are performers from outside of the country. They perform inside the Nambu bus terminal subway staion not inside the art center. Seoul Metro provides some show inside the station to please citizens using subways. I have seen them in yangjae station too. If you find them in any station please say hellow to them. They will be really appreciated.
I took the picture inside  the subway. Subway has announcement system. They tell  which station will be the next and which door you should get off to. They do both English and Korean. So there’s no worry related to language problems. Feel free and stay calm in the subway.
 This is the picture I took when the subway was crowded. Avoid riding subways early morning as lot’s of people will be busy russle and hussle to go to work.  
Those are the show provided by Seoul Metro. Seoul metro has been doing those kind of things since very long ago.  Still lots of Korean think Korea doesn’t have strong mass culture events around the Seoul. But I definetely don’t agree with therir claims as even subway system provides great events.
This station is Seoul Station. To go to Seoul Station you should ride #5 or #1 . Seoul station has the longest history among other stations. Built in early 19’s Seoul station used as train station. Though the station was built originally by Japanese Empire. But after the independence. The station has become the biggest station in Korea. With more than 2 lines of subways , KTX which is super fast train also goes through Seoul station. If the reunification were completed, Seoul station could become a no#1 important train station in east Asia. 
This is the inside of Seoul station. The station looked like airport. It’s very clean and tidy so, you may feel comfortable when you get in the station.
Seoul station also has some performers playing. the purpose of the event was to help children in need.
This is the old version of the station. It had been used after the independence but as it’s too small and old, we built new one. Unfortunately, this old staion is under re construction. I have been here to watch a exhibit.  It was old .
This is the yard of Seoul city hall. City hall is also under construction. The building had been there since before the independence from Japan. But as it’s too small for the whole management of seoul. City government decided to build a brand new one which is a lot bigger than the past one.

The city hall plaza is one stop from Seoul Station.
Did you decide where to go?? It’s too sad that I mentioned only three places.  If I had time I would do more.