Roads. Shopping places in Seoul I

Many foreigners have been struggling finding shops to buy or just walking outside.. So I’m here to solve problems that you have been struggled with.  First, let me introduce small and tidy shopping places that you can enjoy handmade,  homemade stuffs and lot’s of great foods, and the places to take pictures in. Samchung road is the one. Tidy and small road in which you can hear only the sounds of bird singing. Since the road is small and a little complicated, cars are a few here, and walking down the hill you can feel the joy of real freedom and the fresh air. Here lots of couples enjoy the slip of coffee chattering and loving each other.

You see in this picture, no big structures, small houses that has red roof that you can’t find in other area in Seoul. Samchung is the unique place where old traditional houses and stylish modern buildings harmonize.


Resting and making room in your mind are the main points when you visit this places.  Still lots of features are waiting you. Many clothing stores, and famous restaurants are placed. From premium jeans shops to tailored jeans shop, and from family restaurants to traditional Korean cuisines, it’s  a lot more than you can imagine.

How to go

Ride the subway no 3 which is yellow line and get off at Anguk Station it’s located First exit!!!


This place is called “Kang Nam Station”. To go here you must ride the bus or subway line number 2 which is the Green line. This is one of the biggest shopping and culture place that is placed in South Han River Area. The christmas and other holiday seasons, this place will be crowded the most. So I don’t recommend  place to tourists who are willing to enjoy shopping freely and feel the liveliness. Instead you are welcomed in normal weekends!!!

Just right next to the Gangnam Station, Samsung the main building is placed. The building is the tallest near the gangnam station. As you all know Samsung is a firm which makes electronic devices. the picture above is the place which exhibits their products and let costumers to use their newest one for free and enjoy the slip of the coffee. I hadn’t been there , but I saw the wall post that is telling about this place. It says everything is free if your time allows. The place is called D’light.

This is the main entrance of D’light. It’s pretty showy outside to  pull people’s eyes. Gangnam station is just a 10 minutes walking distance from my home. So I go there often to refresh my mind and have fun! I’m just lucky that I live near !

Where do you think is the place that performs the best plastic surgeries? and the pretty girls hang around,  chatter around ? If  you are the big fan of  series named ” Sex of the city” Abgujung is the place where Series took place for real, except it’s Korean people.   Prada, Gucci, and other expensive stuffs are sold here the most. A person who goes here every day will be the rich or person lives here. P.S If you are not satisfied with your looks and want to get operation, here is the right place. Just between you and me this place is called  ‘surgery tourism place” .

Night View of  Rodeo street. Almost every brands of outfits are here. Pretty crowded isn’t it??? Just remember to avoid big holidays.

Let me introduce the Seorae Village. This village is famous because, Lot’s of  French people live here. I’m not sure why French people live here many, one thing I am sure is that their restaurants are excellent. The first French School was built here. So that’s why A French community formed here. One of the Famous Italian restaurants are placed here. A great news is that Many of people living there can speak English!

The street of “Seorae village”.


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