Olympic Park

Information center

This is Information center.  If you have any question about Olympic Park, just feel free and ask!! you will be welcomed! P.S If you are hungry or thirsty just right after the Information center, there is a great restaurant. I’m not sure about the taste, as my friend told me that the place was great, I’m sure that the restaurant will be great!

Word Peace Gate

This is Word Peace Gate, The Gate is more huge than you may think, it was kind hard to take the picture of it. Anyway, it’s a symbol in Olympic Park, Any Korean may think This gate first, when they remind Olympic Park. You can ride bicycle or  inline skates under the Gate. Have fun!

My Friend

The reason I and my friends came to Olympic Park was, the drawing competition. The school told us to draw the nature of the Olympic Park. If a student draw well, he or she can get a gift card!, In Korea A normal gift card is called cultural certificate. Using the certificate, you can but mp3 musics and other offline things too. I wonder why your country has that kind of things.


In Olympic Park, various kinds of restaurants and coffee shop are placed, this is one of them and I saw many people sitting there and enjoy the view of the Olympic Park, at night I’m sure that it’ll be romantic to be with a girlfriend!

A big Pond

You see here in Olympic Park, a Big pond!!, I’m sure that you are not allowed to hook a fish!, but you are allowed to enjoy its view!!

P.S : Hew… It’s kind of hard to be a writter, as you know, my job is to do publicity activites about Seoul. First reason why this thing is hard that, here are many different and cool places to take picture of, since my camera has only small capacity, I always face dillema to delete the pictures I took . Maybe I have to buy a bigger capacity. Anyway It is very good thing that I do things that I like.


2 thoughts on “Olympic Park

  1. The picturing person in this picture is your figure? Olimpic Park is very wide & good. I envy your country. I want to visit Seoul first sooner or later. You are going to be good guider.

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