HUFS, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies or HUFS is a university that I goes to!  I prepared a lot to get in University and Finally I made myself into one of the University I really wanted to go . As you look into the name it’s the best in Globalization.

As you see in this picture it’s the main building of our University. The building has lots of lecture room and it has a ‘Sky Lounge’ in which you can view the periphere of the university and have a nice dinnet!!

It’s a picture that taken near the ‘Law School’ . The buildings in our school take the form of old Athens.  Anyway many facilities are built recently, students could have good time much more. Gahhh my English is getting sucked. It’s about more 2 years ever since I typed the English word.

It’s  basement campus which is named ‘ Minerva Complex’. This one are built a few months ago so it’s a brand new. Inside we have a TO GO coffee shops and other lecture rooms, and also we  can enjoy a fitness club which are built under the floor.

I’m a freshman majoring in the arabic language, and I know it’s very hard to learn and study. As I want be a professional translator working in oversees, I chose to learn Arabic. In Korea there are only a few person that could speak Arabic. And I want to be one of them.

And also I do American Football. The name of the team is ‘ Black knights’ which can be told shortly ‘BK’ . The practice is really hard but I try my best to be a good player.

I know the post was really short and not so funny at all, it’s all because I didn’t wrote anything in English ever sice 2 years ago. And I’m reallly sorry for that.. I hope more people visit my site and know the korean and korean cultures better and more.

I will talk about the life of Korean students at the next post

See ya.


6 thoughts on “HUFS, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

  1. hi Joon.

    stumbled upon your site while bloghopping.
    It’s a brave attempt to take Arabic as a foreigner.
    I took classes when I was in school. Now however ~ kaput!

    hope to read a lot more from here.
    wa ilal-liqo, ma’assalamah..

  2. assalamu alikum?
    I heard that it’s one of the hardest language to learn but!!!!!

    that means it’s worth lerarning it!!

    My dream is to master 3 languages while I’m in the univ.

    Thanks for visiting!!

  3. Wa alaikum.. ;D
    Is it correct?
    Haha.. How are you?
    Wow I’m surprised you wanted to learn that language..
    I feel like it’s an honor.. LOL!!
    We’ll look forward to your next stories here.. ;))

  4. Hello. I found your blog by chance when I was random-googling about HUFS. I’m planning to go for a one-year exchange program there starting from Spring semester 2013. By the way, I love your posts. Keep on blogging bro! ^.^

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