I’m back !!!!

Hey, It’s Joon again
I currently busy doing University stuff. I go to A university named .HUFS which stands for Hanguk University of Foreign studies.
And I made myself major Arabic!!!
The reason I couldn’t manage my blog was I was busy studying and preparing for entering the Univ. And finally I made it into a one,

Our university is the top in globalization and I heard obahma the president of US wants to visit the Univ

Finally but no the least I decided to change the name of this blog to ‘KOREA IS MY PLACE”

I wanted to tell more about the culture and people not only limitted in Seoul but the whole coun!!

I wish you guys have good luck and please be desperated to wait the posts.
Thank you.


One thought on “I’m back !!!!

  1. hey Joon…still recognize me?? I’m your blog stalker, hehehe…waiting you to post about Korea.congratz for getting to the university and got yourself a girlfriend. Looks you gonna busy studying and dating. hahaha…welcome back, I surely waiting you to keep posting stuff in here. But oops, it’s like not only me who get stucked from blogging cuz I’m busy working. Almost 2 years I’m off, and probably I’m getting off again cuz i’m proposing to go to another city to work…well, again…welcome back Joon!!!

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