it’s Seollal the new year day of Korea

Have good new year days??? I have good new year as Korean Athlets won lot’s of gold medals in Vancouver Winter Olympics. Anyway what I’m going to tell you about is “Seollal” which is Korea New Year’s day. Seollal is one of the biggest holiday in Korea and we have 3 official dayoffs for Seollal, what a lucky I am. Chunjul which is China’s Seollal and the meaning of the word and origin is the same and we share some common traditions. Focus, as What I am going to tell is not the history of Seollal but the joy and special things we do in Seollal.

Hanbok is what we used to wear in seollal. It has been the tradional costume we wore before the 19 century. But today the beauty of Hanbok is evaluated differently.  Many designers around the globe was surprised by the variety of colors that it has and the texture that Hanbok has. I was surprised too. But to me I hesitate to wear Hanbok as it’s light so I feel coldness during the whether these days. But  to foreigners I bet sure that you should wear it once to make sure that you visited real Korea. Don’t miss the chance!

“Why Korean bow to their cousins and their fathers?” We have two reasons to do so. But I am sure that most of Korean teenagers bow because of the second reason. Okey the first reason is to say hellow to their grand fathers and ask how greand pa live healthy? But going inside of the bowing and showing respect to their relatives, there’s a hidden reason . It’s money. It’s hard to believe but After the bowing we get money from the relatives.  I show my deep respect,  smart and good boy image to my relatives so they could open their pocket bigger. After reciving the golden envelope. I show my longest appreciation so I can get the same amount the next year. And I and my cousins always compare eachother’s  the thickness of the envelops.

Don’t tell me that you didn’t understand it. For those of guys who don’t understand my language I made an equation. I hope everybody knows the great universal rule. Okey let’s go on to check foods we eat during the seollal.

“Hangwa” which means korean snack. Eum it’s hard thing that normal family people make those cute snacks. Those days people simply buy snacks at market like you know “wall mart” . But old days, m0st of Korean never thought that he or she will buy those foods at grocery. But things changing gast. We should accept the change.  It’s korean style but it’s not hot. Some of friends outside of Korea think every korean food are hot and hard to eat. But that’s not just true. It’s sweat and crispy. I don’t know how exactly it feels like to eat. But I can tell it’s as much as crispy as chetos. May be more.

It’s Korean style doughnut or you can say it’s cookie ” Yakwa” Eum I don’t know how to make the Yakwa but it’s made by sugar and some rice powders. Anyway it’s one of the food that I like most and it’s elastic as dunkin doughnuts. Again it’s much better so try it.

“Dduk guk” dduk guk means soup with Korean style rice cake. It may sound weird. It’s my fault that I couldn’t find the connection between Korean words and English. The taste is simillar to chicken noodle soup. But actually it’s much better. It’s more clean and healthy. Dduk you can see in the soup which is white and shaped like o one is very elastic when you eat it . It may be hard to swallow. But after trying it once or twice. It’s piece of cake. With Kimchi on the Dduk. Nothing more can be attractive than this. And there’s a  story with ddukguk so don’t miss it.

“chichae & sujunggwa” is the tradional Korean drinks we still love today. The first one tastes chic. You should try it it’s not soda or achole it’s smooth and tasty. Made by rice old day people loved it. The later one is a little bit bitter, but with today’s amazing technology, there’s no bitterness. But only sweatness. You can find those drinks on vending machine on the street. Wanna be chic? bang on the chichae. A better way to be a man.

“Do you know what are they doing? ” “I don’t know may be they are crazy. ” ” they use bat to crash something weird.” Yeah that maybe true. They are making dough for the rice cake. using big stick is a good way to make the cake much elastic and smooth. You can have this kind of experience during the three days of seollal. National tradition museum which is placed in kyungbokgung is a good place to visit. I went there once I saw b-boy’s performance too.

Oh looks great. Have some. There’s some adage related with eating Korean rice cakes. One of them is eating rice cakes lying on the floor. It means the piece of cake.  I know a fact that world shares similarities.


Oh yeah I don’t know how it’s called but We korean call this bird “Ggachi”. It looks like raven but the only diffrence is the color. It symbols Korea’s new year and symbol of the great hope. 

There’s some chance that you still have. But I’m not sure whether small kids from other countries could get money but. I see women’s hand hold 50,000won bills. Dam! see? Korean gives bucks to people outside of Korea. We welcome foreigners so please come visit us. I was joking they are just pretending and learning bowing in Korean way. They will give money to kids but later I’m sure they will return it. But still Korean’s are good people :0

“What is this??” “Is it a dragon?? ” ” Nahnah it’s Kites.”  we enjoy flying kites too. we make  kites at seollal and flow it on the air. the number that a man flied kites in guiness book was recorded by Korean. I was amazed by the picture.

Korean shield shaped kite. which is called ” Bangpaeyeon” looks like rectangular shield.

“Yutnori” Yeah it’s korean snake and ladder game. Yut is traditional dice made by 4 sticks. do gae gul youk mo is the ascending order of number from 1.  There’s many traps so. Good luck. The origin of Yutnori is to wish good lucks in this year’s harvest.

We have big ones too.

Wow. Did you have good seollal? With Joon don’t worry you will not have difficulties. Have a good happy new year.


6 thoughts on “it’s Seollal the new year day of Korea

  1. Happy New Year too Joon!!

    In Korea their using golden envelope? mine always red with cute characters on the envelopes…even I’m older, I still get my “angpao”. Hahaha…

    • Not really but I call the envelop “gold’ as it has lot’s of money. Do you have a culture that is similar to giving money in seollal?

      • because were are the 5th Chinese generations who live in Indonesia. So we still applying Chinese ritual like held ancestral rites ceremony for our late beloved families each years, and of course we’re celebrating Chinese New Years too. But for giving pocket money on an envelopes[angpao] to children is the task of relatives who already married, even thou I’m a grown-up and makes money too but I don’t allow to give that kind of money :p…

        We actually didn’t give elderly a bow, I’m sure if you watch Chinese movie or kung-fu when if both friends meet they make fist-wrapping kind of gesture called Gong Shou but not fist-wrapping rites when they are sparing in martial art..hehehe in martial art it call Bao Quan. We ‘Gong Shou’ the elderly by saying ‘Gong Xi Fa Chai, Xi Nian Kuai Le’ which means ‘Congratulations and Be Prosperous and Wish You A Happy New Year’.

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