VANK modified a huge mistake of CNN

VANK which stands for voluntary agency newtwork of Korea is the organization that makes efforts to modify wrong information about Korea working world wide. And Vank catched another big one. America’s best news broadcasting system which is CNN wrongfully made webpage about Vancouver Olympics. As you can see the TV ,  internet sites and other medias. S. Korea won 4 gold medals and 4 silvers. But CNN linked Korea to have n0 medals. VANK catched the wrong link and sent a mail which tells about the correction to CNN

This is the print screen  modified after the mail sent from VANK. South Korean’s territory turns to be  dark yellow which used to be white. White means no medals. VANK think that it  should be told right considering 4 years efforts of medalists even if the mistake occured not intentionally. Like this VANK activates world wide to correct wrong and distorted information about Korea. That’s why we call VANK cyber diplomats. I’m proud to work as a partner in VANK. I hope I could work with VANK in lot’s of area


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