Gyu Hyuk Don’t cry : you are still the champion in everyone’s mind


Gyu Hyuk Lee is the one of the best speed skating competitors in the world. He won gold medals in many skating world cups, unfortunately he hasn’t got medals in Winter olympics. 2010 Vancouver olympics was his last chance but the chance was a slip away from his effort. Many people thought he would get the medal but, instead other Korean competitor Mo- got the gold and silver.  We Korean and other people around the world was surprized by Mo-‘s unexpected result. But we must consider Lee’s 12 years efforts. Olympics is the ground filled by both champion and the others. Though he was “the other” but we must think him as the champion. Both champion and the other tried their best to be the champion.So We must give applause to both of them.

Maybe it’s hard thing to remember “the other” who didn’t get the medal but. at least we should try as they made efforts as much as medalists. He has very warm hearts as his text message from Vancouver to his family was very impressive. Even if he was very tensed and upset because of the game but he hadn’t stopping thinking about his parents and families. I think difficulties is the thing make people become much stronger. He didn’t do well when it was 94’s olympics but after the feeling difficulties and the limit by himself, he finally become the unforgettable champion even though he didn’t win the gold medal. I always believe this theory. And the theory never betrays the one who believes it.

Fight  not because of the medals but to celebrate the efforts.


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