TBS E FM 101.3

It could be lonely if you come to Seoul alone, and can’t speak the Korean language. But don’t worry. Just turn on the radio and tune it up to 101.3. This is a channel for foreigners who have just encountered Korea and who need to know information about Korea. I usually listen to 101.3 as it is fun and it helps me study listening part of English. Actually it helped me a lot. DJs are fun and you would find youself laughing in no time.  Starting from early morning to late midnight. DJs are always on the staion and ready to hear your massages. If you have lot’sof things to tell people through the radio, you are very welcomed. The DJ, will send massages of yours to people who share similar backgrounds that you have.

If you want to request music that you want to hear or send massages, you can use both cell phone and internet massage board.  If you have neither, then you can just telephone their numbers. Anyway I hope foreigners who visited Korea first do well living  by listening to this radio. TBS has lot’s of programs, from daily news to celebrity interviews, full of programs are waiting you. when just sitting on the table or in the car, turn on the radio and tune it up to 101.3 . They always will be  ready to give you the best music and the best adivice. I like M- town and Music planet the best. They always have special guests and programs.



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