Itaewon – foreigners gathering place

Welcome to Itaewon. Itaewon has been the place where foreigners come a lot. As, Yongsan American  unit is very close to Itaewon, Itaewon was firstly crowded with American. But later soon, it became the #1 foreigners’ gathering place. Lot’s of shops and bars are targeted to foreigners. And actually lot’s of shops are runned by celebrities

It’s very hard thing to find evening dress for woman on the street. But here you can get them easily. Some of them are hanged on outside. And also those are very cheap.  The reason hard to find them is that Korean people don’t throw up late night party. Most of them think party as expensive and hard to prepare. It’s somewhat different from America.

I only stayed here for only an hour so. I couldn’t check out them all.  From tradional American holiday foods to Mexican foods, you can enjoy foods that are like your mom’s. If  the time permitted, I wish I could come here again to eat hot Mexican foods. I love Mexcan and especially foods with chilies . I love beans and pepper. And Torttila the most.

It’s very hard thing to find big sized clothes in Seoul. But here you can have every clothes in big size. And also they are cheap.

Itaewon station is on line no.6.  Enjoy visiting.


5 thoughts on “Itaewon – foreigners gathering place

  1. very nice blog, Joon.btw, are you working for NGO? I was surfing the internet and found your site randomly. Im glad that i found it, have been reading it with great interest so far. Just wondering if you could tell us more about Korean student life? I’ve been watching Jungle Fish 2 recently and have been very curious about lives of Korean students . Nice day!!

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