Too busy schedule for boys and girls?

This post is about “Korean students’ too busy schedule”. Not like students in other countries, many of Korean student go to institutes  after school where employed instructors not school teachers  teach things related to school subjects.  As the institutes finish the lectures late at night . Students have to go home late around 9pm.

Those are students going home late.  It could be a strange scenery to foreigners outside Korea, as  student wear school uniforms and roam around the street at night. But it’s a normal life to students in Seoul and I am one of them too. School finishes at around 5 o ‘clock and I straightly go to institute. Sometimes I have to skip dinner , and feeling always starving during the lecture hour.

This is a bus station near the subway Daechi station which is line #3. Daechi station is the place where  lots of famous institutes are located. And sure is that lots of students come here from other region  to learn best lectures in Seoul. I’m one of those students as I live near Yangjae Station which is  4 stations from Daechi station. Regions near Daechi are also famous for inexpensive residential places. maybe the most expensive as the educational system there is the best

Oh, but I think Daechi is not that harsh place. Lots of famous and great restaurants and coffee shops are here and I love to go there whenever the break time allows. This place is yaang. I found this place is very romantic and antique. I love cafe latte the most as I can have many syrups as possible.

Oh this is the street I go through almost every day. I sometimes to to Krispy Kream to finish up my left over home work.. If you find me   studying here, I promise I will buy you a donut.

I’m not sure whether education outside of school provides, is a good thing or bad thing. But it’s true that magnificent money has been put into institutes, and sometimes it becomes a burden to parents. Institute is not the thing guarantees good grades. It’s the students who do the exams and check the OMR sheets.


4 thoughts on “Too busy schedule for boys and girls?

  1. you’ve change your blog theme, it’s more prettier 🙂

    Well, compare to our ‘lenient’ educational system…thumbs up for Korean student. Before I learn about why they are so excessive on studying few years ago, I thought that they were crazy. But, I understand that was the parents plan to make them successful in the future.

    So, how’s your school life Joon? haha.

    • I’m the best student in our class room . Hah but if I couldn’t go to the good Unicersity. Things I have done will be no use.
      You changed your photo. Good. I thought you are a boy . But your photo is a girl now

  2. Really? Good for you then, keep it up to be the best student. As long as you have faith that you can enter good university you can do it!

    Q:How did they or you manage to have a free time to hang out with friends?

    I wish I can turn back time to be in high school again. When life isn’t tough, and I had a chance to upgrading my grade so I can be the best student….It’s been 7 years graduating from HS, but I’m still a lazybones hahaha!

    Good luck with your school life, Joon.

    • Oh. I still have free times !! And also, I bet the best student in Korea will have some free times too!!

      people will die if he or she studies every minutes of his life. That’s ruining one’s whole life not to succeed!!

      I have time to kill after 9 o’clock. I choose whether to study or to play. If I feel I should study then I do studying.

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