A research on boys and girls in Seoul

Wow. I have posted articles about Seoul for about 4 months. I guess the time goes pretty fast. It’s too bad that I have to end official posting this upcoming February. As that is the policy of VANK, I have to respect their orders and must follow them. But I promise that I’ ll keep posting good articles about Seoul and Korea, and the topics will be selected by my own. Okay this month’s topic is  “lives of Boys and Girls of Seoul.”  I benchmarked a TV show called “research on male and Female” which tells about difference between man and woman . The show was a great hit and is still being popular. so I made a spoof  version which is “A research on boys and girls of Korea” If you want to watch the show, please ask me^

Before researching on Boy’s and Girl’s Winter life, I want to tell my daily life as it’s easier to explain . It’s not that different from other ordinary school boy but I believe I’m somewhat different. Okay let’s go on to check out my daily winter life.

When I wake up in the early morning , I prepare breakfast myself for myself. My parents work out early so there’s no one that can prepare early breakfast for me. It’s pretty sad for people who love bacon and waffles for morning but for me that’s too much. Instead I often skip the breakfast or eat just cereal and milk in front of my laptop. Then I  check my email and my blogs eating cereals. I have 3 main blogs which are word press I’m writing on , Cyworld and twitter. . After checking  those sites I usually write articles about Seoul.

I like playing Piano. I love to play old classical music and other popular musics too. My hope is to play romantic musics in front of my future girl friend and tell her please don’t leave me. Ha that would be heard funny but I know a lot of girls like romantic things. I will try my best to feel her impressed. I hope the day could come fast.  Including Piano, I like to play clarinet and other traditional Koran instruments. Many Korean students at my age learned Piano right after they could just talk and run. I was one of them. Many Korean teenagers went through early education . Most popular early education was English and it has still been popular too. “Early education” seems to Korean people a problem since lots of money have to be put into it. But many students got good grades in English because of the education and I am one of them too.  I read an article in which President Obama mention Korea’s education which is a good model. But I hope kids there need to play more not study in his room.

When the morning is over I have to pack my backpack to go to educational institute. The picture looks like school but it’s not . It’s a place managed by a person not government or private one. I go there to learn school subjects. It’s like preparing for school things. To get good grades in school, I must learn things before the school term starts. This place seems soulless but I make friends here too. We learn together and play after the lecture finishes. I kinda enjoy this atmosphere as you may not understand.

This is the place where I read comic books. you can read many comics as possible as long as the time given according to how much you paid. From Korean comics to Japanese comics, you name it it’s here. When I am holding the comic book. I can’t recognize the time ticking , and sometimes I was grounded because I paid too much money and time. I like death note series the most and there’s some pictures I took in the Seoul Coming world . IF you want to see the picture, refer to my past posts.

This is PC room. In the PC room you can do whatever the computer does. Since the computer here is highly equipped, so there’s no delays when you do things like online games or other stuffs. It’s very important to feel free when you are in PC room. I come here to play computer games or chatting with friends. After the midterm exam finishes, Boys if he were Korean  will come no where but here. It’s a great pleasure when you play computer games with friends sitting left.

As you may know Korean students wear school uniforms. The uniform may not look fabulous as you see front, but Some school’s uniform is fabulous as much as one models wear. Oh, The model is Wonder Girls which I introduced before. The reason we wear uniform is to look smart and tidy. And to differentiate students and adults. Anyway there’s asset and disabilities in wearing school uniforms. I prefer not wearing uniforms to wearing uniforms as it’s not comfortable as you may think. Let’s go and find out what Korean students do before the winter vacation breaks out.

Winter is a cold weather. It’s very easy thing to see snow in Seoul and last year’s Christmas was White Christmas. Making snowman is very common things among Korean Kids. And you can easily see people play around throwing snow balls. Anyway before the Vacation breaks out We had to go through Last term exam which is very hard and we have to study very hard.

This is my school Jamsil HIgh.

Finishing the exam I and  my friend usually go to Singing room. As you know people choose the song which he or she wants to sing . This is very good place as you can show your minds to people singing the song that related to his or her mind. Like proposing or mind that shows desire or respect. Boy like teenagers will be honor to bring his girl friend to this place as he can show her his way singing which he thinks awesome. I don’t care as I don’t have any girlfriend . For me I go there to get rid of bad feelings I have . Oh I told you before that Boys prefer going to PC room to singing room.

Okay let’s go on to what Girls do. Like other boys in Korea,GIrls wear uniforms too. They take it very important to wear fabulous school uniforms. They like doing cute stuffs like taking pictures with her friends or self shot.  Actually there’s place that deals with taking pictures professionally, where boys rarely go.

This is it. You go into the machine and taking pictures with friends posing variety of gestures. After taking picture they watch their pictures taken and reform the picture using colorful pens that touch the screen. I once went there with friends who were girls not girl friends. I was very shy. I didn’t know what to pose just standing like tall buildings. Anyway if I were a girl I could go here a lot , I guess. After reforming the pictures the machine will print out the pictures which you can stick to any subjects like Cellular phone. Korean people call Cell phone a hand phone. You may confuse the word when you are in Korea. There’s some other words that you can confuse with.

Lot’s of cell phone. Aren’t they? One out of 2 will have cell phone at least I sware. I have one too. These cell phones are old models. Cell phone is one of the most popular item in Korea.As Samsung LG and other company which are based in Korea make lot’s of cell phones world-wide and one of the most popular is Korea.  I had first cell phone when I was in 4th grade in elementary school then I changed my cell phone every two-year. Now I have very forefront cell phone which is operated by touching the screen.

Yeah, it’s my cell phone. Cell phone is very important part in 21st  century Korean students’ life. Without cell phone , I can’t study because of the anxiety caused by emptiness of Cellphone, which means I can’t contact friends and families. And my cell phone does Wi-Fi so I can log on to internet free. Grounded means not having cell phone to me, I can’t think of like not having cell phone. Most of Korean students will agree with my thoughts.

Coex mall Food Court

It’s very usual thing to girls in every country. Like other countries. Girls like shopping. Even though one have not enough money, one will go out shopping. As she can do window shopping. Just seeing trendy clothes, girls will feel joyful (which my two sisters think. I asked) In Coex there are shops like Girls like. But Coex is not outlet mall so the price would be expensive. But DDM will save you from spending lots of money.

DDM is the abbreviation of DongDaeMoon. In which Lot’s of shops are and their price is the cheapest among malls in Seoul. I guess if you are to buy stuffs you should go to DDM, otherwise you may spend money more than you got. But here you can make the price lower by telling your thin pocket. But before going to DDM it’s needed to check out the information.

Let’s deal with what we watch during the Winter Vacation.

Movies are one of them. Did you see movie Avatar? Yes I did. It was awesome so I have watched it twice. Winter makes students go movies a lot since it’s warm inside and it’s tidy. If you are not good at Korean, there’s sub in English so you can check before going to movies.

Last winter,  almost every girls watched this TV show. “Men better than flower.” As you can see those actors are too well looking. So I hate them. I was joking . I hope I become better looking than them and more money than them. This is a love story between Poor girl and Rich and Handsome guys. Guys compete each other to get a girl. This TV show is based on the theme of Cinderella. And I’m sure that Cinderella stories always catch people’s attention.

This TV show is called IRIS.  IRIS is a TV show which is about tension between North Korea and South Korea. The story was not finished and the IRIS II will show up soon. I couldn’t recognize time going when I was watching this show. If you want to know more information about the series check out the past posts that I had uploaded.

Let’s go on to what we do for entertainment. I know American people love doing Video games. But Most of Korean student are not got into video games. Korean students like playing games using computer with high graphic hardware in it.

This is star craft. You can not mention computer games without star craft in Korea. Star craft is an old game. But in Korea Star craft is still the most popular game and I bet Korean students have once played it before. Boys like me will estimate people according to the how well one plays star craft. I’m not that good at playing star craft but I love playing it anytime.

Boys in my age will feel happy enough eating just one cup of noodle. Including other Asian countries you can find cup noodles anywhere. Convenient store will be the best place for eating cup noodles  as convenient store provides free hot waters. And PC room is good place too. Hands clicking with mouse eating noodles, there’s no better than this.

This is convenient store you can find anywhere around Seoul. Also you can buy things here using T-Money. It’s a kind of like credit card except that there’s no dept. Without charging the card you can’t buy stuffs.Korean Girls like their bangs be on their forehead. Including my sister and my friends , they always are busy handling their bangs. It’s only limited to my taste, but It doesn’t matter whether their bangs exist or not. But I must respect them as it’s called a trend. Some boys have bangs too. Most of Korean students like to wear big glasses no matter he or she. You would realize it if you were living in Korea.

This is the picture girls cutting their bangs.

Soccer is the best sports to boys in Korea. I bet that most of the boys in other countries are crazy in watching and playing soccer. Among many soccer leagues, EPL is the most popular one .  A Korean soccer player whose name is Park Ji sung also plays in EPL. His team is called  Manchester United. I bet everyone knows Man U as it is one of the best soccer team in the whole world. 

Can you find an Asian guy among them?? He is  Park Ji sung. 


5 thoughts on “A research on boys and girls in Seoul

  1. hi, I’m a high school student that lives in the U.S. I was born in Korea but immigrated when I was seven. So I was really curious about what high school students did in Korea. One of my wish was to wear a uniform (here, public schools have no uniforms) and go out with friends eating street foods like 떡볶이..ㅋㅋ
    But yeahh…thanks for this post..! I now have a better idea of how I might have lived if I stayed in Korea.

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