Winter Sports in Seoul II

From Now on, what I’m going to talk about is very important part of Seoul, and is for the people living in Seoul. Seoul is one of the best Asian city that many events placed and is lively city as people enjoy sports even though it’s Winter. So I’m going to post this article which is about Winter sports, winter events in Seoul. And I’m pretty sure that you will know much more about Seoul, and have good holiday season is Seoul.

Oh, I forgot to tell you. As you guys all know, Seoul made events which is “Seoul design Olympiad 2009″. This event was to promote the saying above ” World Design Capital Seoul 2010″ Actually, the World chose Seoul as design capital and Seoul had to do many things to promote the design of Seoul. Seoul, now is on the middle of preparation, and they started the thing doing fabulous winter events. This place is City hall plaza, and Ice rink was moved to Gwanghwamun square.

This place is called” Gwanghamoun Square” This place was built in 2009 and is the place where citizen love to rest . The square is on the middle of “Sejong road” which penetrates the central Seoul , downtown, and is one of the broadest road in the Seoul. Now the square is one of the busiest place in Seoul, and one of the favorites of Tourists. KBS drama “IRIS” was taken scene in this place. The scene was bombing scene and which was very successful.

OH, If you like to watch ESPN, then you might know this event. The event is called “SnowJam” Snowjam is world known event in which professional ski and snowboarders compete, and here they show their extreme movements. Seeing them from on the Gwangwhamoon square, the event feel pretty awesome and amazing. I didn’t watch the event by myself but. I saw the arena by myself. The arena is placed on the middle of Gwangwhamoon square, and imagined how players would feel when they soar up on the sky seeing cars speeding under!

The big one left placed left is the arena and middle white square ones are ice rinks. On the ice rink you can borrow free skates, and ride on the rinks. I hope to see people do” tripple accent” on the stage.

There are many places where you can ride skates. This place is Seoul Hyatt hotel’s ice rink. Though you must pay some to ride skates, but the gratefulness of the night view it has, I guess the paying is worth enough. The buffet cousin placed on the top of the hotel is very fabulous, and excellent and you can view the Han river flowing and bridges crossing the river. This place is also famous for the scene of TV series which is “Men better than Flowers”.

Now it’s time to talk about “NIGHT VIEWS” of Seoul. This place is Seoul Plaza. Around christmas, couples come here a lot to see the beautiful nights which couples think romantic, and others come here to take pictures and have fun with their friends and families. Not only the Seoul plaza but, many places are showing their night lights, and I’m pretty sure that you may have good memories here.

This is” Chunggae stream”. Not only Seoul plaza but other places are decorated with lights of colors, this one looks very great to me and I could felt ” the year is ending!” At the plaza, many events are taken, such as singing contest, and also other popular singers come there and many people gather around.

An Artist called ” NamJunPaik” who made the first Video arts is the best artist in that area, made this messed tvs. This may look weird but, from the artist’s viewpoint it’s very creative and exotic, so many people think of this work as great job. Unfortunately, the artist died of Alzheimer recently, I guess Seoul placed this art there for the condolence, and it’s related to “Light festival in Seoul”.

This place is chungae stream. Chungae stream once had been covered by roads, but the city government got rid of the roads for making city life much healthier, I mean now people could enjoy their rest near the stream and see the water flowing, just walking beside the stream, I guess you may fresh your soul in Seoul. The lights whose subject is “music” hanged above the stream and people liked it as, blue lights are correspondent to blue water flowing under.

As you see this is a ski place, not in the Seoul but you may find many ski places near Seoul, Unfortunately Seoul is not always cold enough to build this kind of places, but hopefully, Just 1~2hours of driving from Seoul, You could reach here. This place calls “Vivaldi Park” To stay here and to enjoy ski and boards, you must buy tickets for lifting machine and condominiums, or you can stay by paying much less money to residental houses. Don’t worry about the exchange and language problems, Since most of the places are supervised by big companies, adept staffs are working inside.

All of ski places rend you skies so you don’t have to worry about having no skies or boards. If you don’t know how to ski or ride board, then you can learn there. Many professional riders work there and will teach you very kindly. Oh, Korea is in preparation for Winter Olympics in PyungChang. I hope Korea will be the place where 2018 Winter Olympic opens.

After having good ski rides, Korean people love to go to Hot tubs to warm their cold bodies and get rest. But this place is not just hot tub place, it’s narural hot tub and this thing calls “On-Chun” Hot water coming out because of the hot magmas flowing under the deep land. This place is “Onyang On-Chun” and you can reach here riding Subway line #1. It may take a while but it’s a privilage that you can go there riding subway which goes through Seoul.

Korean Winter is very cold. But people love playing soccers even though the weather is freezing cold outside. So we made mini soccer place inside, and you can find this place many in Seoul. I love playing soccer while worrying about the weather. But I found out that this inside soccer place located near my house and I go there whenever I want to play soccer!. The place may look small but I love smaller place, since I can train my dribbling and passing skills.

I go here when I want to play pingpongs, but now I go here to play with friends! This place is called ” Angel Pingpong club” You don’t have to be the member to play . If you get tired as you did lots of pingpong, then you can enjoy playing computers placed on the counter.

This place is Sports Complex. You can reach here riding Subeay line #2 which is greenline. the place had event called Seoul Design Olympiad 2009, and the event was very successful. The stadium was built in 1988 for Seoul summer Olympic in 1988. Now the place is opened for normal citizen and you could see people do sports inside. Near the complex, Olympic park you can jogg and feel the nature.

City hall- Subway line #2 fees-no

Chungae stream – Subway line#2 fees-no

Sports Complex- Subway line #2 fees- depending on the place you go

Gwangwhamoon Square- Subway line #5 fees-no

Seoul Hyatt Hotel ice rink- subway line #6 Hanganjin station fee-18.000 for each people

Vivaldi Park- Hongchun -Goon (ski place) fees-bring 200,000Won for one person is enough

Ping pong and Mini soccer place – Around Every Seoul fees- 1,000~10,000won depending on the local atomosphere

For more information, send me the mail all related mails are welcomed.


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4 thoughts on “Winter Sports in Seoul II

  1. 새해 복 많이 받으세요^^ 2010년 올해보다 더 행복한 해 되세요~~

    I love the article, lovely place too…and I didn’t know that Mr. Nam Jun Paik passed away? RIP. I saw his work once on TV, it’s kind of weird but it’s a great art.

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