Winter Sports in Seoul I

Finally the event did appear on the main Seoul road which is “Sejong- roe”, Sejong road!!!

SnowJam  is the worldcup of Snowboarders and this event is being broadcasted by ESPN.


9 thoughts on “Winter Sports in Seoul I

    • You don’t have to be thankful when it’s about comments!!!!
      And thank you about compliments !!!

      KENT Is it a school?? And I want to know more about it!

  1. the event look so great…

    thank for the vid, but why they must build the arena there? isn’t Korea has a winter Olympic complex? cmiiw.

    • Building the tube on the biggest street in seoul is an unique Idea I guess.
      And the thrils that Athlets feel when he gets to the sky is upmost as he sees cars speeding on the street.
      That’s the reason Korea built the tube on the street!! It’s a marketing using unique idea.

      But for me, I don’t think that’s unique enough to catch eyes of other people outside Korea.

  2. I see…

    well, you got your point right about the athletes thrills doing snowboarding in the middle of crowded streets with cars and pedestrians. But as a foreigner, I think it will be more appropriate if they doing the event in Pyeongchang. To promote the city more, because failed being picked for Winter Olympic. Or prolly the snow isn’t thick enough? 🙂

    • I don’t think it’s not that snow but it’s….

      Russia was the biggest comperiter so, we lost again. I know that you got the point at olympics but It’s a event prepared by Seoul not Korea Government. So to promote the view of Seoul , it’s a quite good aproaching and it did promote the Seoul, and also Korea.

  3. u welcome about the picture…^ ^ hehe..

    Nope, never been to Korea. But visiting Korea is on my waiting wish-list…thanks for the offer to be my guide.

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