MUst HAve ITem “T-MONEY”

What’s this???? The big logo “T” does represent “Transportation” Then Let’s find out what excatly are in it!!!!!!!!

Let’s see… Eum the letters on the top mean ” Koreans’ money, T-money” Oh!!!!!!

I found a small invisibly sealed hole! I could see a card in it!.

Then let’s look inside the box then.

Many letters on the back side of the box! The letters place on the character say “it’s for normal use” I guess this card comes in young boys and girl’s too.

It says you can uses this for texi rides, convenient store, to get the special discount, you should log in the internet site.

You can also charge this using internet, more information, go to the

Oh!!!! Many stuffs are inside the box. I thought only the card was inside it! “Enjoy Seoul” coupon pack seems a little chic to me.

This is the card!!!! You use it to ride the transportation system in Seoul!!!! The design that the card has a little lated I guess. But It is chic compared to other undesigned cards.

Oh!!! I unfolded the card then something useful came out!!! This coupon is for foreigners who want to travel downtown Seoul!.

You can buy this kind of t money at normal subway station.

Cost: 3000won

You have to charge some to use it!!!


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