A Hanok in Bukchon Queen Elizabeth had stayed

This is the place where Father Geroge Bush and his son George Bush had lived. Also Queen of England had stayed.


7 thoughts on “A Hanok in Bukchon Queen Elizabeth had stayed

  1. Hi…

    If you don’t, I’m definitely put your blog on my link. It nice to know what happen in Korea trough your blog.

    • Sure !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I do this work for NGO called VANK.
      My job is to tell things about Seoul, Korea. And I do some works for Korea too!!!

      I promise that I posts newest things about Korea!!.

      Thanks for coming and hope you visit my blog often!!!

      • I will visiting your site often because I really love Korea, especially the culture.That’s why when I found your blog, I’m happy.

        I’m from Indonesia by the way…

  2. you mean the duo rapper e-sense and simon dominic? Yup! Love their songs, that’s why I used their name.

    btw, do you know the site where I can found translation in english about ‘hwarang segi’? In Indonesia, we just start the ‘queen seondeok’ invasions. To understand the drama, I must learn the historical fact first. thanks!

    • Wow, Seondok series didn’t end here neither!!!

      I love Sendok Series and I always watch the show!!!

      Actually, I have been studying the National History. And I just finished the Seondok Part!!!

      Hwaransegi is a book written by a famous scholar called “KIm dae moon” Hwarangseki is a history book that tells about Hwarangs.

      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hwarang_Segi <- here is the link, Wanting to know more information, Just Ask!!

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