Wonder girls wondered U.S

Who are Wonder Girls??? Wonder Girls is a pop group originated from S.Korea. The group consists 5 members, Sun-yae, Sun-mi, So-hee, Ya-eun, U-bin. Sun-Yae is the Leader of this grup. Don’t know the reason why I post things about Wonder Girls?? The reason is simply I love Wonder Girls and those damn girls made big hit in us pop culture!!!! First let me explain a little information about This Hot Girl group, and more.

Before entering into ” Wonder Girls” You must do small preparation , I mean, their background. JYP is one of the biggest entertainment company in Korea. Like Sony BMG , JYP is one of them in Korea. JYP  was named after the PoPular artists Jin-Young Park, And JYP is an initial of his name . Lots of famous stars have already come out from JYP. Rain who is one of the famous World known star, had been trained in this company and without this JYP, Rain can not be what he is right now. A new release ” Ninja Assessin” which was directed by Wachoski brothers is the movie in which Rain did main character.

He is JYP. Haha one thing funny is that I have the same initial of him. Billboard, which is the most famous world pop music magazine, and JYP had been once a model on the main cover. He made music for lots of pop artists in U.S. One of artists was Will Smith. You may have question which is : Why Will smith is the Music artist?” I know that he is world known actor, but he had been a music artists, a long time ago. One thing I know is that he has been very friendly with R Kelly, and other famous hiphop artists. And they are in workshop together to train young unprepared artists.

Now it’s time to introduce “Wonder Girls”

Wonder Girls mean wonderful Girl artists. And They really are wonderful and They had been the  most popular in Korea . After the great successes which are “Tell me” and “So hot”‘s hit. They had oportunites to go abroad to U. S. They gained popularities from Internet first. Many U.S online megazines wrote articles about Wonder Girls and they posted their music video which is ” Nobody”.  ” Nobody” also gained it’s popularities in Korea first, and the simplicity and addicting  was the main reason why it could impress people in U.S

This is the main costume when they perform “Nobody” on the stage. It could look unfashionable, or, lated. But that was the point. Lated fashion was their point to appeal their strong impression to People in America. Even though the fashion was a little lated, it surely made impression to People in America.

Every body knows “Jonas brothers”. Jonas brothers gained public favor and fame, by their passionate stage performance and their attractive looks. I love their music too. I love the way they perform and I specially liked their music videos. And “Wonder Girls” which is my favorite could join the U.S tour of “Jonas Brothers”. After 55 stages with “Jonas Brothers”, “Wonder Girls” could gain the fame in U.S and “Nobody” could put up on to the Billboard’s Hot 80 lists!


Here is the picture taken in “JB”‘s tour. Wonder Girls performed the first stage in the tour. Even though they performed only one song, but by introducing their dancing motion to audience , they made great impression and they made the performance more exciting. I love those light purple costume the most.

They also appeared in abc news.

The post in NYC New York City. A performance with 2pm.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BIAIEerQmY&feature=channel <- Link


3 thoughts on “Wonder girls wondered U.S

  1. Great photos and great blog~
    I really liked the way you put a great information about wondergirls~
    A way to go in introducing our proud singers working abroad!! ^ ^
    I really like wondergirls. I think they are not only a great singer but also a hard worker who doesn’t give up until their goals are accompolished! The effort they put in to be accepted in another world was very touchin and good to see!
    Great blog~
    I will visit often! ^ ^

    • Thank you very much for visiting my blog!!!!!!!!!!

      You made great comments on my blog. I do know that Wonder Girls are hard workers!!!! But I guess I forgot to post the information !!!!!

      And very thankful of you to say that you will visit my blog often!!!

      I promise I’ll visit your blog often too!!

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