Comic World (cospre) (Costume play)

Wow I have been waiting this event to take place !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The event is called “Seoul Comic World”. You may heard this event before since the event is famous for Costume play and it’s magnitude. But, not only the costume play but also the comic shop is the thing that you can enjoy here too. Even though the day was cold,  many people went outside and did costume play. Even a girl here only were a dress. Lots of students in my age came here, and other ages came here too. You can buy many stuffs about animations. Almost all of them were Japanese comics, but some are Korean’s too.


This man is called “Death Note” Death Note is an animation whose story is about killing bad people by writing their name is this note. It’s too funny that A person were a costume which is note figure. I ‘m not sure that he could look around. I told him to stay still as I and my friend were going to take picture, but he didn’t follow my telling and he walked us to me without the reason, and I and my friend were somewhat scared. Ha I guess He was trying to show us that, he is real ” Death Note”S73F3478

I do not know which animation this character shows up. But he was awesome, he had two one edged swords, but the thing was that I was surprised  by his posing when I told him that I am going to take picture. I was a little impressed by his behavior. I mean he actually enjoyed himself doing costume play. As the costume play was originated from Japan, I thought Korean people would look awkward when they do costume play. But It was not true, they even looked professional


I personally  asked them to pose. It was somewhat bashful, but they made pose with smile on their face. And I took the pictures, I do not know which animation they are from, but  the costume looked great to me, not that complexed, and looked very tidy to me. One thing funny is that especially right person were costume made by herself.


I think this picture is the best one!!!! The slogan says “Our school uniform is the most awesome one” Puh hahahaha. Do you really think so?? I thought they bought the unique uniform personally, but I happened to know that they were their own school uniform and they came here . .. They didn’t spend money but they impressed people the most!!!! I mean it’s too ridiculous since their school uniform is unlike others and it really exists. The mask says ” we do without saying” I’m not sure why they were mask. But I know the day was freezing cold


It was awesome. Didn’t know they were all girls. They didn’t look like normal people. Maybe fashion models?? Maybe not so. But they looked perfect. They portrayed the original animation the best.


At the outside lots of shops are placed. Lots of road foods, and animation shops. I didn’t dare to buy one since I didn’t have enough money, and the interests. But if you have special interests in these stuffs. There is no better place than here. I ‘m pretty sure that you will not regret. Since the event took place it’s 89th times. I mean it has no short history.


“Military guys” They also made the pose themselves when I was going to take picture. The most right one looked disguised. HaHa. I especially liked the second one since the uniform is from SWAT. I guess you know what SWAT is. SWAT is an armed polices wearing special equips. They were good uniforms though, I couldn’t find any energies from them ha. They looked too naive. S73F3468

Many people prepared the costume play both outside and inside the building. The building is called AT center. The AT center is a convention center which is located close to Yangjae Station, Subway line number 3.  As I live close to YangJae station, the place is very close to my home, and I came here without rush.


I took the picture inside the building.  Lots of people came here and people did costume plays. Inside the building the comic shops are placed. To go to the comic shop, You should buy the ticket which is 4000won. You may think the price is a little expensive, but it worthes the price.


This is the comic shops. Stuffs people sell here are about animations. You name the animation, that’s here. They sell stuffs from comic books to personalized character stuffs. One piece, Dragon ball, inuyasha, and other animations are the main subjects this place handles. The price is not that expensive and you can buy many stuffs with small budgets.


The wearing room is located inside the building. And they lined up to keep their stuffs safe inside the building.  S73F3461

This one is famous Tv series “Sunduk female king”. Even though the series is not  animation. People loved the series too much and then they re-created it as an animation characters.


Many sections. I couldn’t count how many sections were here. Because it was too big.


They are posing !!!


Waiting someone?? I don’t know .


They didn’t care about the weather. They only cared the whether people looking at themselves.


Do you believe  the god of death who brings people to hell???

How to go

Subway line number 3 Get off at Yangjae station and find the Mcdonalds.

Then ride the village bus number 20. Then get off at AT center.

Cost: 10,000 won is enough!!!

Good luck


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