Seoul City Tour (Infinity Challenge)


Want to watch more videos? Just go on to the YouTube click it then you’ll find.

I recommend “No reservations series”, because it has the view points of foreigners.


7 thoughts on “

  1. Hi, i am a VANK reporter~~
    Wow nice idea about putting a fun video about Korea!!
    Can i ask you a question? How can you upload a video like that? I am having some trouble with that.. ㅜㅜ
    Nice blog! I especially like the idea that you put articles not only with words but also with videos, pictures to illustrate your point!!! ^ ^ I like it!!!
    I look forward to reading more of your posts!!

  2. I forgot to comment back. sorry.
    First, thanks for showing me the way to upload the video. ^ ^
    That was really nice of you~ ^ ^ thanks so much!!
    Second, my name is Jung min~~~ *^^*
    (you asked me what my name was.. )

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