A tour to Palace (Gung) I DeoksuGung

Seoul, is the capital of South Korea. One of the biggest metropolis in the world and the city has become a representative of cultural and economy in Asia. Now what I’m going to explain is palace in Seoul central area, and the palace is named Deoksukung. Deoksukung is located right next to the city hall station, so it’s very easy thing to visit here. Then, What Deoksugung is? it’s a palace and kings had lived here and ruled the country. But some guys would have qustions. “I was told that  Kyung bok kung was the palace where king ruled the country.” Yes that’s true. But since Joseon dynasty went through many kind of hardships, Kyung bok kung was burnt in the war between Joseon and Japan. so Deoksukung was used after then. Ok, let’s go and find out awesome features that the palace has!


This is the main entarance of the palace. you can buy tickets at ticket window  right. Since the palace is right near the city hall and the subway station ,people come here for rest and for a slip of coffee. “Dehanmoon ” is the name of this gate. Usually the gate is placed at the south of the Palace since the king faces south when governed the country. But this one is placed North. Because the traffic was active at North the king made the North gate as the main gate.

2009-10-26 20;37;38

This is Sejong statue in Deoksukung. Sejong is the king who made “Hangeul” The korean language. I respect King Sejong the most, because “Hangeul” is the greatest invent in Korea history. And it’s very useful to type using computer keyboard. And also the balance and harmony of the language are the main keys that Korean people love the language. 2009-10-26 20;38;10Gung is not made simply. Many things are considered when the palace is made. For example, roofs have curves. The curves are shaped according to the ridge line of the mountain and the surroundings. That’s the reason why each roof has different edges and that makes the structure look more natural and polished.2009-10-26 20;38;16

The palace you see front is called “JunghwaJun”. It’s where the king ruled the country and governors from different districts came and had meetings.  Each governors had to go through 3 doors before entering the JunghwaJun, and they had to have right and polite mind. According to whether military officer or cilvil official, the path and the door  are differentiated. The middle upper path is the way the king went through and the other two are other two officers did.

2009-10-26 20;38;31 This small statues made from stones are seat where officers were placed according to the class . When big events took outside, officers had to stand by this statues and show respects to the King. Unfortunately, the king could only see First officers to 5th officer sby hiw own eye. Because the place is too big to recognize every officers.

2009-10-26 20;38;56

You may notice that the path is splitted to 3parts. The upper part is where King used and the other two were where other officers used. One thing specieal is that the door was painted by Gold colors. You may think that the color doesn’t look like gold. Yeah, Because the gold was very expensive in Joseon dynasty and the king liked the palace to be frugal. Inside the building you can see dragons placed on the ceiling. Korean scholars thought that it’s very important how many claws dragons have. But the guider told me that it’s no use now a days. The electriciy was supplied right after 6 years since the Edison had invented the light bulb. So you may find bulbs that are place on the ceiling. The bulbs were called “freaky bulbs” since the electricity couldn’t be supplied day and night, the bulb freaked on and off repeatitely. So the king told  officers to shut it off.

2009-10-26 20;39;27

2009-10-26 20;39;03

This is the Western style building that built first in Korea. The building is called “SeokJoJun” The reason this bulding was built because the king told officers to do so. Joeseon Dynasty had changed it’s dated policy and they opened the door to foreigners. Now a days this building is used for an artrium.

2009-10-26 20;40;00This building is the only building that not been painted. People were remodeling the inside when I was gotten there.King Kojing died here. No one knows how the King died.

2009-10-26 20;40;19

This is the place where King and other celebrities used to drink coffee. This place is also famous for TV show called “infinite challenge” Lot’s of people love to watch the show and this place was the answer for ” Where King’s coffee place?”





And these are the pictures I took by myself.

How to Go

Ride the subwat line number2 Green line. It’s place right near the city hall station. you will find this place in no time.

P.S: I”m sorry that I posted it too late. I was somewhat busy and I din’t acknowledge.


5 thoughts on “A tour to Palace (Gung) I DeoksuGung

    • I don’t know what exactly you are talking about but I see that you commented for the qppreciation. las fotos mean lots of photos I guess and visitar is visitor. Thank you for coming !!!

    • Seguramente entiende lo que dijo. Espero que una sola Corea visita de un día y tener momentos maravillosos! Es muy mala cosa que yo no hablo español. Pero voy a tratar de usar “Google Translate” para contar las cosas a los extranjeros acerca de Corea como tú.

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