Coex Mall in Samseong station

Coex is the biggest mall in Seoul. Coex consists of 3 big facilities. A hotel that has 5stars, Conference rooms with international size,  a mall with the subway station near by. And the aquarium.


You see, Coex is a big complex of buildings. A building looks like stairs is called international trade center. I’m not sure there are things that foreigners will enjoy but, the building structure looks quite unique. In Christmas, Coex is one of the busiest place in Seoul, since lots of people come here to enjoy the romance of Christmas and to buy presents.

06 Mall Entrance Plaza

Right through the SamSeong Station, you’ll find out an even land with many stores outside. The entrance of Coex mall is located at the corner, and you will find it out easily. Since everyone is walking heading there.

Asian-Malls-07-gThis is another entrance of the mall. You will go through this entrance if you ride a bus to Coex. It’s a right thing to ask people where the entrance is since the complex is huge and complexed.. Just say, I want to go to Coex Mall, then people will help you kindly. coex_15In side the mall, lot’s of stores are located without saying two times. Nike, Adidas, Levie’s and , so on. You name it , it’s there. And what’s more, employees here are educated well, and they are welcomed to help you kindly. Since hotel is located right after the mall, employees had been through many times with foreigner customers. So just wash out all the worries, and enjoy shopping.


The Coex mall is composed of two big stories. the upper part you can go to the aquarium , and down part is the mall. After the school exam finishes, students in Gang-Nam area are happy to go to the Coex Mall, and enjoy their liberation from the academic pressure. It’s a normal thing for students in Seoul, and they realize it as a kind of custom.

1175578037The Coex mall is a very complex area. If it’s the first time visit, I’m sure you will lose your way one day. So don’t hesitate to ask people where the exit and subway station is. Otherwise, I’m not sure that you’ll find out the place to go out. But that means, it’s big and many things to enjoy are placed in Coex. From singing room and Pc room to MegaBox Cinema, From small eat flour to family restaurants, and From small outlet store to premium wear brands, You won’t recognize the time already points the midnight.


This is MegaBox cinema in the mall. The theater is very comfortable to sit and watch and the screen wide enough to fall into the movie. The caramel popcorn here is great!

2009-10-24 22;27;59This is Bandi and Luni’s In the store, lots of books are selling. Various kinds of magazines and books from country like U.S and Japan are also available. If you have a book from your country in your mind, it’s not a silly thing to find that here.

2009-10-24 22;34;29

Right next to the book store, a big media shop is located. POP, K-POP, J-POP and other genres are dealt here. This store is special for selling brand new albums.

2009-10-24 22;33;41This is TGI Friday. It’s world-wide family restaurant. The menu is as same as U.S one. I’m sure that you will enjoy the same taste as your mother country’s one! If you are sick and tired of TGI restaurant, don’t worry, other family restaurants, are located here and other small restaurants are too.

P.S  Personally, I go to Coex mall every month, since I love to hang around place with many people around. You may be comfortable with your mother country’s mall, so don’t like Korean style mall. But the Coex is different. Since it’s purpose is to sell things to people like foreigners, you may sure feel comfortable while shopping. And I saw many foreigners hanging around at this place by my self.

coexmallmapThis is Coex mall map. You don’t have to print this out since the map also is located every corner in coex. Just to know that coex is quite complicated.

mapAnd this is an useful map for Bus rides.


3 thoughts on “Coex Mall in Samseong station

  1. Hello, Nice to meet you ^^
    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    I also like your blog very much!
    I especially like the “무한도전” and “Coex” one.
    I went Coex yesterday and I’ll also post about it..
    And finally, my name is “이예라”, not “이예나” ;;;;

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