Districts(gu) of Seoul

Each district is called “Gu” .”Jongro-Gu” is the main downtown Seoul. You can visit lots of tourist’s areas there, and historic tourism places. I recommend you visit there first!!!! It’s combination of metro city and historic places. Seoul consists of two big areas. Gang-Nam areas and Gang-Buk areas. Gang -Buk means North Han liver, and Gang-Buk is South Han liver. At first Seoul was a small area only consisted of Gang-Buk area, but after developing other areas, Seoul  became much huge, and people began to emigrate to Seoul.


I live in Seocho-Gu. Did you find where Seocho-Gu is? Anyway, in Seocho-Gu, lot’s of events take place!!! I guess it’s one of the districts where foreigners enjoy lot’s of events. To tell you the truth, each district has its own unique features according to how people live and  kind of buildings that affects the industry. Gangnam-Gu is the wealthiest district, even though people there live well, there is no tax difference. So feel free wherever in Seoul, when you are going to buy things! One thing special in Seoul is that, you don’t need to figure out exact tax value when you buy things at shop. Since Tax is included in the tag, you would feel no burden. What is more,  tip for service is not permitted, except for hotel and other advanced services.


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