Great Places near where I live!

The places in these pictures are around my home!!!  These  places are in Seocho Gu Area, and I’m proud that I live near these places.

This is Korean electricity art center. In the hall you can watch many musicals. I watched “cats” with my friends last year. It was great, although the actors didn’t speak English, you can understand the story as musical is nothing but the actions!~ I still remember what the actors said!.


This building is called “The international electronic center” or “GukJae elecric center”. Here various kind of merchandises are selling and I bought PSP here at very cheap price. Sales men here are very friendly, and you may use English here. But remember to use only Easy English! ,then you may discount the price! If you don’t have anything to buy, it’s welcomed to just look around to try some electronics!


This is AT center. Here conferences are held and many kind of events take places! Among them Costume play is the finest! Costume play was originated from Japan, but here seoul, you can watch it too. Costume play is a showing party that people wear animation’s character costume and have fun!! One day I could participate in and take pictures with people!




This place is “Sanctuary of the arts.” This place is one of the symbols in Seocho-Gu. As the name tells, this is the place where various kinds of cultures stage! The place is also famous for its great night view, and kind service. Around here lots of famous restaurants and music shops are located, and the street of Seoul Renaissance.




This forest called, ” Citizen’s forest”. This one is the Second largest forest in Seoul. The largest one is called ” Seoul Forest”. although this one is the second, you can rest and listen to the nature. If you are sick and tired of the work and  need some rest , this forest is right for you.

P.S These pictures were not taken by me. I found them on the internet. And I really want to say “sorry” . So I planned to take pictures about Seorae village where French people live a lot, and Costume play by myself. I want you guys to wait persistently, and you may have expectations. Thank you for coming to my blog, and I hope you guys to leave short comments!


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