Seoul Design Olympiad 2009!! II

Seoul Design Olympiad

Do you know where here it is? It’s OlymPic Stadium in Jamshil, I rode the subway line number 2 and I got off  at Sports Complex Stadium.

Finally, I got here and I felt very happy.  I saw many people here. Some were working as employees and others were working as voluntary works.


Lot’s of students of my ages were here too! The Olympic stadium was built in 1988 and it has been here for more than 20 years! As you know Korea had opened Olympic and Seoul is the place where that Biggest even in the world had opened. And now this place is where Korean cultural event took place!


You see colorful statues are placed in front of the Stadium. This statue is called Haechi. Haechi is now a Symbol character of Seoul. In the stadium you can buy many character merchandises including Haechi itself! If you want to know more about Haech just ask!


The sign says ” We are all Designers”. This event is not only limited to the people who designed this event but we all are qualified to participate in this event, so that’s why this slogan made.   I think it’s pleasent thing to take pictures there , as Hollywood stars take pictures infront of the slogans in events like  Oscar!!! Don’t forget that only thing remains is the picture!


Seoul is a big city Area. Seoul consists of 25 big district areas. Each area is called Gu. I live in Seocho Gu and this event is taking place in Songpa Gu. It’s kind of hard to know about Features that each Gu has. But if you come here, you can know about each features of  “Gu” Since each gu displays art fractures that show their own distinctive features! Seochgu where I live, I think, displayed the greatest fractures. It showed the importance of Eco-friendly industries and they focused on not the wealth or money, they focused on the future’s things.


In the audience area I saw people  from other countries showing their traditional things. you can buy things at cheap price easily since there are volutary workers that helps with language problems. I saw Nepal, Russia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and other countries!

S73F3048 S73F3050

These are traditional merchandises from Russia. The picture right is Putin!. Not only Korean traditional things, but other many foreigner’s things here and you can not only watch but buy!!


It’s says “Women are happy in Seoul”. Seoul propels a policy about Women. It’s kind of campaign that tries to improve personality of women. I think improving socially weak people’s personality is a needed policy in 21th century.



4 thoughts on “Seoul Design Olympiad 2009!! II

  1. You went there ? I have written about “Seoul Design Olympic(and Design Capital city)” as my application for Breeze Jounalist.

    Today I went to the National Assembly, but my camera broke down, so I couldn`t take a picure

    • Tht’s sad!!!!

      Since I live in KangNam Area, I happened to know about Seoul Design Olympiad. I wanted to do voluntary work as a interpreter, but I couldn’t as there had been no empty places.

      The next Theme that I’m going to write about is Costum Play! Coming soon!

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